The Canadian Security Guard License Demystified


What You Need to Know Welcome to Mamba Security Services’ complete guide to obtaining a security license in Canada.

In this article, we will demystify the system of turning you into an authorized security Guard, outline the necessities, offer insights into the advantages of protecting a safety shield license, and shed light on the related expenses.

Whether you are a global pupil seeking to kickstart your profession in Canada or a neighborhood resident interested in the safety enterprise.  How to Join the Ranks of Canada’s Security Guards is something we are here to help with.  Particular  requirements can also range province to province, however typically, here’s what you’ll want:

Criminal Record Check: You must go through a crook heritage take a look at to ensure you don’t have any disqualifying convictions.

Age: Typically, you must be as a minimum 18 years old for a security shield license.

Training: Completion of a diagnosed protection protect training application is mandatory. More in this within the subsequent section.

Citizenship or Work Eligibility: In maximum cases, you want to be a Canadian citizen or have the prison right to work in Canada.

Language Proficiency: Proficiency in English or French can be required, as protection guards want to speak efficiently.

Application Fee: There is commonly a utility rate to cowl the processing of your license. Security Guard Courses in Canada for International Students If you’re a worldwide student interested by pursuing a profession in security offerings in Canada, you’ll be satisfied to recognize that many institutions offer security shield training packages. These applications are designed to provide you with the vital abilities and information to excel inside the field. Look for programs permitted through relevant provincial authorities for the pleasant consequences.

How Much Will It Cost? Basic Security Training (BST) – $160 – $300 plus tax: Basic Security Training is a mandatory requirement in most provinces for individuals aspiring to become security guards. The cost of BST can fluctuate based on the training provider and location. This training covers essential topics such as legal responsibilities, emergency response, and conflict resolution.

Test Booking – $75-$80 plus tax (depending on the province): After completing the BST, you’ll need to book and take a provincial exam to demonstrate your understanding of security principles and regulations. The cost of booking this exam can vary by province.

Security License Application – $75-$85 tax included (depending on the province): Once you’ve passed the exam, you’ll need to apply for a security guard license. This license is issued by the provincial regulatory authority responsible for security services. The application fee can differ from one province to another.

Uniform and Equipment – $150-$200: Security guards are typically required to wear specific uniforms and carry essential equipment while on duty. The cost of uniforms and equipment can range depending on the employer and the specific job site’s requirements. Basic items may include a duty belt, flashlight, boots, and a uniform shirt.

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